March 17 – lawn and windows done

Here is a picture of my lovely new lawn: And here are the windows: Finished. So that’s my project done and dusted – bar a bit of decorating. It’s taken from the end… Continue reading

March 14 – new lawn and windows

It’s past 2am and I can’t sleep so I’m blogging about my new lawn. The old lawn was ruined by the building work over the winter – used as a depository for tools,… Continue reading

March 11 – the stairs of fame

We’ve been painting the stairs and I’ve found someone who makes lettering to order – as transfers. We’ve chosen 14 resorts for 14 steps and people have asked us why we chose those… Continue reading

January 15 – introducing one new kitchen

It’s sparkling and I love it. Take some minimalist and cheap-ish Howdens kitchen units, add a smart quartz worktop (with little pieces of glittery silver in it) and cherry red glass splashbacks, rough… Continue reading

January 10 – it’s been a while

Yes, it’s certainly been a while. In that time we’ve been covered in dust and mess. We’ve been waterless and heatless. But now we have a kitchen and a hall (see above, with… Continue reading

December 12 – work surface arrives

The kitchen work surface has arrived – a sparkling cream quartz. I’ve never seen so many men working in my house at once: 1 electrician, 1 carpenter, 1 plumber, 1 boss builder plus… Continue reading

November 30 – cold and horrible

The boiler hasn’t been working properly since the radiators were moved. Yesterday there was no heating downstairs: nothing at all in the (old) kitchen, hall and sitting room. The old kitchen is bad… Continue reading

November 28 – the kitchen makes an appearance

Not much has happened over the past few weeks. The builders have come and gone each day (sometimes seven days a week), making a big mess. We’ve had no heating for 24 hours.… Continue reading

November 2 – the house emerges

  The scaffolding came off yesterday and today and the new house has appeared.  

October 28 – roof on

The tilers have been working all weekend and now the roof is nearly complete. Things are beginning to get much more interesting.